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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Mindful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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More than a century ago our Western society started celebrating Mother’s Day. Although back then, it was nothing more than a commercial advertisement in flower shops, it is now internationally celebrated in honor of all mothers. In some countries a similar tradition has been existent much longer than we can account for. Therefore we can find different dates of celebration all over the world e.g. in the United States or Germany Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the second sunday in May, whereas Norway honors their mothers at the beginning of February every year. Despite the world celebrating it at different times of the year, one common ground still prevails: The importance and honoring of motherhood.

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Mothers: A Symbol of Selfless Love and Life

“Honour thy father and thy mother, that your days may be long upon the land the Lord the god giveth thee.” Exodus 20:12 King James Bible

Now, I have to admit that I am not a very religious person, but I do believe that some concepts of life are universal and apply no matter your beliefs, culture, or country of origin.

From an evolutionary perspective mothers are the givers of all life. Without them nothing would really exist. They go through the pain and joy of giving birth. Mothers are the nurturer of this world with a love more selfless than any other. They put themselves last no matter the situation, to ensure that nothing is amiss in our lives. Our mothers work countless hours, put up with all our quirks and faults, don’t let anyone push us down, and above else are always there! They are the ones who raise us, who make us who we are today, who inspire us with their strength to be the best version of ourselves. Mothers are the caregivers of our whole species. In my opinion, we have plenty of reason to be beyond grateful for them being in our lives.

Mothers day, gift ideas, gift guide, mindfulness, mindful living, how to be mindful, gratitude, self-care, gifts

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning –

And so in honor of our mothers and upcoming Mother’s Day I created a short gift guide of mindful Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you find the perfect means to express your gratitude towards that special person in your life:

Thank You Letter

Sometimes the most powerful gifts are the ones that are simple and most personal. Writing a Thank you letter to your mom is such a mindful and very thoughtful way of appreciating everything your mother has ever done for you. We don’t thank her often enough for all the hardships she has to go through because of us. Letters are fundamentally intimate. Nothing is more private and individual than a handwritten, well thought through letter. Give it a try. If we sit down, and really listen to the voices of our hearts, then all the right words will come to us naturally. (Also, be prepared for some tears here and there 😉 Speaking from my own experience :))

Combine a letter like that with a nice and simple flower bouquet and you have the perfect gift created with a mindset full of mindfulness and gratitude towards the person it is meant for.

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Personalized Poem

Instead of writing a letter, you might have a talent for poetry. Writing and creating a personal poem for or about your mother speaks again for your mindful appreciation. It takes time, creativity, and thoughtfulness to write it, and that is ultimately what counts the most. How much more of a personal gift can you give?

And don’t worry about being perfect. Your mom will see it for what it is: Words coming straight from the heart. There is nothing more honest, authentic, and heartwarming than that.

Wrap it nicely with a box of chocolates or your mom’s favorite candy and you will be all set.

Picture Collage

Mothers love nothing more than their families. Having pictures of them reminds them of how much they love the people around them and how much they appreciate the life they have created. So why not make a mindful little collage with pictures of immediate family members and good times everyone had together? It takes some effort and it is a thoughtful and very personal gesture. Put all your love into creating it and I guarantee you, your mother will love it!

Maybe add a nice quote or saying about motherhood, love, or family to it. The message will definitely come across the way you meant it to.

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A Gift Certificate for a Spa

I do admit that it is not the most low-budget gift, but it is mindful in the way that you give your mother a chance for a retreat. We all know how life can take its toll on us, so how about giving away a treat for a relaxing massage or maybe a certificate for a manicure/ pedicure? You can make it a bit more special by going with your mom together, so you both can indulge in some bonding time without the hassles of your everyday lives getting in the way.

If you want to look for a bunch of good deals and offers, even for a lower budget, check out groupon. They usually offer a great variety of things.

Self-Care Kit

Another wellness-oriented idea is to create a small self-care kit. Remind your mom to treat herself to something nice every once in a while. Give her the means to indulge in a little bit of wellness at home, so she can choose to practice some self-care whenever she wants to just take a couple of moment to herself.

You could just take a nice little basket, arrange a small amount of self-care products, and then wrap it nicely. Add a nice card and some kind words and you have the perfect mindful Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re looking for self-care products, I for one love THE BODY SHOP. I just enjoy their products so much! The smell is fantastic and I always feel like I’m treating my body to something special when applying their items. They also offer gifts specifically for Mother’s Day and have a good sale section that you could choose from. Just in case you need some inspiration. 🙂

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Dinner for Two

Why don’t you spend some quality one-on-one time and invite your mother to dinner? It could be just you and her, or all the kids and her. This way you can take some time to just enjoy each other’s company by creating the space for a mindful attitude towards one another. It is a nice chance to just talk about stuff you normally don’t have the time to talk about, or to just bond with one another. I think inviting your mother to dinner is a perfect gift if you want to make it a little bit more personal, but not overdo it. I don’t know one single mom who wouldn’t love to spend time with their kids in that way. 🙂

Flower Bouquet

And lastly, even if you’re far away from your mother and can’t be there in person  on Mother’s Day, you can always send some nice flowers as a way of letting her know that you are in fact thinking about her on this special day. These days it is so easy to just order flowers online and have them send wherever you want to. You are being mindful, even with a small gesture like that. And if I can send flowers halfway across the world from the United States to Germany with a simple click, you can do, too. 🙂

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Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your mom, and I know that we all have our own issues to deal with, never forget that this woman brought you to life. Without her, we wouldn’t even exist. She raised you to become the person you are today. Our mothers created us, the next generation, and selflessly gave a great part of their lives to be there for us whenever we needed her. Let’s all be grateful for that, if nothing else. 🙂

What are your ideas for Mother’s Day? What do you like to give as a gift? Let me know what you think or join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. 😉

mindful gifts, mothers day, mindful gift ideas, mindful gift guide, mindfulness, mindful relationships, how to be mindful, mindful living

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