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How to Create a Mindful Living Space

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In the midst of our daily struggles we often find ourselves not having the mindful living space that would inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. We are surrounded by all the things that we just haven’t had the time to properly deal with. Things that took too long to put away, that we can’t find in all the piles and piles of stacked paper on our desks, or that are somewhere in the very back of our filled-to-the-brink closet. We are stuffed with too many things and items, and then we buy new ones, because in between all that mess, we just can’t seem to find that one specific one we were looking for. So the piles grow, we hold on to stuff that has emotional or sentimental value, we keep a bunch of things we don’t really need.

However, just a few tiny simple decorative changes might be enough to make us feel more content with the space we have for ourselves.

Why do we keep piling things up?

It all comes down to our headspace. Cleaning up is not only about having a neater living space, it is also about clearing our head. Our mental state determines the degree of a mess we have in our outer space. Our living environment is just a mirror image of our minds. And so when we declutter our homes, we also declutter our minds.

By starting to deal with things, we put our affairs in order. We start processing our past. Essentially, we start being mindful from the inside out. By handling each item and deciding whether to get rid of it, or to keep it, and if we keep it, where to put it, we start a healing process. We dig deep and try to figure out why we can’t let go of something. Maybe we are too attached to something that happened a long time ago? Or maybe we fear the unknown of the future? Whatever it is, we improve our lives by contemplating and considering our choices and their outcomes. We bring mindfulness out of our heads and into our homes.

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Easy & Mindful Living by Decluttering

Ultimately though, we free ourselves from things that are holding us back, slowing us down, cost too much money, or are wasting our time. You can create a mindful home by practicing a few easy strategies that do not involve a complete cleaning out of your house. Remove mental blocks and refine your priorities. Instead, try surrounding yourself with positive and empowering items. Let yourself be inspired by your living space. Find creativity in your mindfully decorated home and experience the liberation of a clean house with these simple strategies to build a mindful living space:

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Join the Green Side

Brighten your space with greenery. Plants are the living and breathing reminders of being alive. They help fight indoor pollution and are also the perfect symbol of life. Flowers and plants are a fantastic way of bringing freshness and vibrant energy into your house. Additionally, they clean out negativity and bring positivity. Greenery helps us prosper like nothing else can.

But maybe another element of nature speaks to you more. Let’s say you just looove the beach or the mountains. Let yourself be inspired by hanging a beautiful image of an ocean or the Rocky Mountains in your living room. Whatever calls to you most, try to incorporate it into your decoration process.

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Throw stuff Out

Reduce the stacks of paper by getting rid of junk mail before you even enter the front door. Toss everything you do not absolutely need before it accumulates. And be ruthless here. You don’t really need as much as you might think.

Let yourself be inspired

Surround yourself with positive items that inspire you. Whether it is an image of your favorite artist or a photo of your favorite vacation.

Or try this: Instead of having every single one of your book collection lined up in a shelf on the wall, pick a couple of your favorites and keep them stacked on your bedside table or dresser. Maybe you have a gratitude or vision board that you would like to hang up. Just be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise it will create a mental distraction or look cluttered again.

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Embrace your space

Make an effort to get the best out of your space. Be creative in the way you organize your closet so you can be as efficient as possible with the space you got. For example, put in more shelves and drawers instead of having just one rod to create an organized and efficient system. Use dividers on shelves or in drawers to create categories. The storage you have should require as little effort as possible to put things away. Also, mindfully design a spot for everything, so every item has its place. Not having to search for things can reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Think things through

Be aware of your habits and actions. Pay attention to what you tend to do, where you tend to leave things, how you treat dirty laundry, etc. If you always leave your clothes on the floor get a hamper for it, or if you always put them on the chair in your bedroom where they keep piling up, get rid of the chair (I’m guilty of that habit in particular 🙂 ). Acknowledge and accept your behaviors so you can work with them instead of having them working against you.

Add Wisely

Be conscious of what you bring into your home. You not only save money by being mindful about what you purchase, you also don’t overwhelm your living space with things you might not always need. It is also perfectly healthy to decline free offers or gifts. I also like to sleep on it before I purchase something. If i still want it the day after and not only in that particular moment, I can still go for it. Most of the time though I discover that I don’t really need it or that I’d rather save the money for an upcoming vacation.

mindful living space, mindful living, how to be mindful, mindfulness, conscious living, how to live better, decluttering, cleaning, mindful home,

Creating a more mindful living space is not as hard as you might think. Just a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference. In the end it all comes down to the right mindset. A mindful attitude towards your home and therefore yourself will ultimately increase your quality of living and improve your life. New opportunities and chances are just around the corner. We just have to be brave enough to embrace them by taking care of ourselves and our home.


What do you do to live mindfully? Leave a comment or join me on Social Media. I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “How to Create a Mindful Living Space

  1. Love this! We kinnnndaa blog about the same thing but I never thought to write a post about how to practice mindfulness when designing our home. Our environment truly impacts our mood and our ability to think straight!

    1. Hi Bree, Thank you for reaching out! I do remember seeing your blog on Pinterest and Facebook a bunch of times, but now I finally subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂 I looove the design of your blog!

  2. Great tips! Tossing things is so hard but so rewarding once you actually do it. Taking that first step is the toughest.

    To stay mindful, I always make sure my countertops are empty. It’s less distracting and I enjoy it.

    1. I know it’s the same for me. Just getting started is the challenge 😉
      And empty countertops are definetely on my list of favorite things, too. Makes everything looks way more neat and clean. 🙂

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